Picking The Right Puppy

Puppy selection is an exciting process and it’s critical that you choose wisely. Soon-to-be puppy owners often have a hard time choosing the ​RIGHT ​puppy that fits their lifestyle. Luckily, each individual puppy, even siblings in the same litter, will display certain behaviors at a very early age that are indicators for what their temperament and personality will be like later in life. Our trainers have a combined 30  years of experience observing countless litters and use a variety of testing techniques to assess the puppies’ behaviors and determine which puppy will be the owner’s ideal new family member.

This program is intended for puppies 6 weeks to 11 months old and includes the following:

One of our trainers will go with you to observe the prospective puppy/puppies and provide feedback and guidance to the client.

We will provide education for desensitizing your new puppy to people, other dogs, sounds and objects. Managing fears periods.
Also included in this service is the first month of our CrossFit Bootcamp. At this initial level, your puppy will be introduced to the following skills:
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Climb
  • Free (release command)
  • Walking on a loose leash

**Please see our Precision Canine’s CrossFit Program for more details**


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