Our Philosophy

Precision Canine Training believes that balance is the key to successful dog training. To achieve balance in our training we place an emphasis on three critical training principles: timing, motivation and consistency.
Timing links behaviors with consequences due to the way dogs process cause and effect. Studies have shown that our dogs have 1.3 seconds to associate a behavior with a consequence. Positive behaviors must have a positive consequence within 1.3 seconds and a negative behavior must have a negative consequence within that 1.3 seconds. To assist in proper timing, we use “markers” & such as “good”, “yes”,or “no”; to mark the second our dog acts out a behavior.
Motivating your dog gives them a reason to behave a certain way or perform specific tasks.

Motivation is what we use to influence our dog’s decision-making process. If the motivation isn’t calibrated properly or isn’t rewarding enough our dogs will find self-rewarding behaviors like eating out of the trash or counter surfing. Which is why it’s imperative we reward our dogs the right way to ensure they are always motivated and well-behaved. All rewards must be physical—we use physical praise, food or toys.
Consistency is the key to clear communication between us and our dogs. This means promptly reacting the same way every time to any significant behavior your dog acts out. Your rules for your dog have to be very specific and clear. This means every time we give our dog a command it needs to be followed up with a positive or negative consequence immediately. Every time we miss an opportunity to enforce our commands we lose the ability to influence our dog’s decision making.
Our balanced training method begins with a free consultation which assesses your dog’s individual personality, your personal goals, and the challenges that your family is currently encountering. Subsequently, our trainers will discuss a detailed training plan with you to best meet the needs of both you and your dog.. At the end of your dog’s customized training program, we ensure a smooth transition from our care back to your home via a “go home lesson” which aims to educate you on how to apply and utilize the skills that your dog learned throughout the training process.

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