meet the trainers

Tobias Wilkie

Tobias’s passion for working with animals first began during his teenage years when he volunteered at a no-kill animal shelter. Since then, Tobias found his calling to train dogs after working at a training facility for police dogs and as a veterinary assistant. He has mentored under a national top-placing competitor for AKC Rally and has assisted in Canine Good Citizen testing, DSS evaluations, and therapy dog visits to a juvenile detention center. He also attended a six-week mentorship specializing in behavior modification, outdoor obedience, and hiking manners for dogs. In April 2019 Tobias attended a six-month course at the world-renowned Tarheel Canine School for Dog Trainers, working with high drive and high caliber police, personal protection, and pet obedience dogs. Tobias and his German Shepherd, Ashe, trained and certified together as a Narcotics Detection Team for the years 2019-2020. He graduated from Western Carolina University with a degree in Emergency Medical Care, specializing in Healthcare Management.

Joe Ferraro

Joe had a background in construction before making a career change to dog training. Joe is a true animal lover; having raised numerous dogs, cats, raccoons, opossums, and even baby deer. Joe enjoys the challenge of understanding how dogs think and how to change their behavior. He has attended two of the nation’s top-rated schools, The Tom Rose School for Dog Trainers where he learned to teach basic obedience, and Tarheel Canine’s Master Trainer’s Course where he learned to train military, Special Forces, and police canines. Joe enjoys working with a wide variety of behavior issues and is building a new facility to house special case dogs that do not fit into a normal boarding and training environment.


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