Fast Track Board And Train

During your dog’s 7-day stay, they will learn:
  • Loose leash walking
  • Sit
  • Sit for a duration
  • Down
  • Down for a duration
  • Climb
  • Climb for a duration
  • Free (release command)
  • Off (when jumping on you or others)
  • Crate / kennel command
Each of these skills is taught while using distractions that your pet might encounter in daily life so they’re ready to take the skills they learn and apply them seamlessly at home.

At the end of the boarding, your dog will have mastered the fundamentals of basic obedience. Owners will have one lesson with the trainer and their pet upon pickup and one subsequent private lesson within 30 days of completing the program.

During the coaching sessions, we will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to continue your dog’s training at home. We not only focus on the pillars of training – timing, motivation, consistency – but also on proper owner mindset. We will also teach you how to troubleshoot any challenges that may come up in the home.

Some dogs require more time than others, which is why we tailor each training program specifically for you. Please contact us for a free, no commitment evaluation.
*Note, the Fast Track Board and Train will cover the ​Doggy Boot Camp ​phase of ​Precision Canine’s Canine CrossFit Program, ​ allowing the dog to proceed directly to phase 2.*

**While we can provide the foundation and tools to help manage unwanted behaviors, we cannot guarantee we will be able to fix major behavioral issues like aggressiveness toward people or other dogs during the 7-day board and train program. For these issues, please consider our Behavior Modification program. **

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