About Us

Precision Canine Training is dedicated to training your pets to meet your needs. We offer simple and effective training across a variety of different programs from Canine CrossFit to Behavior Modification to Board & Train Programs and even custom sessions.

Our Mission

We understand that dogs who misbehave are not to blame for their own behavior. The way your dog behaves is a product of how you interact with them. Your dog’s behavior is directly related to your ability to understand and implement the three training principles:

Timing, Motivation, and Consistency.

These principles are the core ingredients to behavior modification, whether it’s training a family pet or training a dog as a service animal or even for athletic competition.

Understanding how these principles work is the secret to clear communication between you and your dog. Precision Canine Training’s mission is to bridge this communication gap between dog and owner to improve the quality of life for both the dog and family members alike.

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